The ReiTek L-1 (Level-1) program is presented not only for your new recruits fresh off the Campus but also for your (experienced) lateral hires migrating to the Retail domain for the first time.

Participants will learn Retail in detail, covering

  • Principles
  • Processes &
  • Practices
presented in a conversational format supported with extensive additional references including reading material, videos etc. as applicable.
Unique Pedagogy! Companies can enrol their nominees individually or in groups for a fee to learn ReiTek L-1 as a self-paced study program accessible, 24/7.

ReiTek L-1 program is based on an unique pedagogy of “Flipped-Classes” – participants review lessons as video lecture recordings and review all references any number of times before participating in live webinars as catch-up sessions. This way, ALL the participants’ knowledge on the lesson is uniform!

The ReiTek L-1 is a blended program that can easily be completed within the 30-days subscription period.
Test - Drive
L-2 Program Learning is a continuous journey. In an exciting business vertical like Retailing, technology impacted changes happen everyday! So it is very important that L-1 participants must keep abreast of new developments, constantly.

ReiTek offers 2-options here; first, returning L-1 participants can opt to enrol in ‘purpose-built’ programs like

  • Big Box Retailing
  • Shelf 2 Shopper
Announcements on new titles added will be made frequently to all registered users.

Additionally, client companies can engage us to design, develop & deliver webinar-delivered programs on topics like (suggested)

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Bit Coin
  • Block Chain
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Chatbots
ReiTek L-1 & L-2 Programs can also be delivered optionally as ILT (instructor Led Training) classrooms.