Information Technology professionals who serve the global Retail industry will benefit by learning the Retail domain at ReiTek. Likely participants may be currently employed with

  • BPM Captives (non-voice)
  • 3rd Party Service Providers
  • Application software solution developers
  • Implementing Teams of software vendors
  • eCommerce Enterprises
  • Retailers’ IT Departments

But why is learning Retail domain important? The following diagram may explain the predicament…
Clearly there exists a digital-divide; Retailers cannot be expected to learn IT because technology is only a means to their end of excelling in their business.

Without learning Retail domain the IT professionals will be at a serious disadvantage. So by allowing the digital-divide to exist some of the problems that perpetuate are…

  • Cost/Project Overruns
  • Conflicts that arise out of misunderstanding
  • Delays & frustrations
  • Delayed payment realization
  • Inability to rotate new recruits among different work groups
Obviously, learning Retail domain knowledge will help alleviate or minimise the above problems.

But only very large companies can afford to have a full-time, permanent team of Retail domain experts who can induct new comers and existing staff.

ReiTek was, therefore, conceived to be an external help for IT Companies who can actually engage us on-demand, when they need to nurture their talent.